6. Taking Care of Daily Life & Supports

Having a Mental Health Disability and Balancing a Career

I graduated with a Master degree in Social Work a year ago now after battling my mental health disability over the past 8 years while earning two degrees. I started my own program before finishing my Master. Now I have a federal job as an Office Automation Assistant. I encourage all who are earning degrees to plan ahead before walking across the stage. Don't just dream of the job be working on that all along the way. Self-Advocacy is important always have a goal in my mind and push it to the limit even if met with challenges it makes you stronger. Don't see anyone focusing on a particular need in the community create a vision board, proposal, and plan on how to meet that need. Be an inventor, dreamer, organizer, planner, and dream big even if you are the only one believing in it... The problem today is people would rather work the 40 hr dead end instead of sacrificing for purpose in life. Living with a disability I made a vow that I would never let it define me... I am more much more


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